Shimano Baitrunner OC

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Product Code
Capacity Power Pro Gear Ratio Drag Power
BTROC4000 15/265 4.8:1 7
BTROC6000 30/245 4.8:1 9
BTROC8000 40/270 4.8:1 9
BTROC12000 50/505 4.6:1 12

The Baitrunner has deep roots in the Australian fishing scene, having been first conceptualised right here. The OC release still contains a lot of the features that have made the Baitrunner a household name in this country, but also features advances that are going to take this iconic range of reels well into the future. Some of the upgraded features include a machined handle, a replaceable spool clicker, Varispeed Oscillation to provide a perfect line lay with Power Pro braid, and Propulsion Line Management to increase distance while casting. The Baitrunner lever moves towards the body to stop any accidental gear changes, and with three double-sided, shielded stainless steel bearings and an anti-reverse bearing, this range continues to dominate the bait fishing reel market.

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