Shimano Biomaster SWA

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Product Code
Capacity Power Pro Gear Ratio Drag Power
BIO4000SWAXG 15/265 6.2:1 11
BIO5000SWAXG 30/225 6.2:1 11
BIO8000SWAHG 40/270 5.7:1 13
BIO10000SWAHG 50/406 5.7:1 13

When it comes to strength and lightness, the use of aluminium and Shimano's proprietary XT7 material in the new Biomaster SWA series is a winning combination. Biomasters come in a choice of High or Performance Gearing with cold forged gears, also feature X-Ship, six shielded A-RB bearings and one roller bearing, 11-13 kilos of drag power depending on the reel model, plus a one-piece bail along with A-RC spool for resistance-free casting.

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