Shimano Talica

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Product Code Capacity Power Pro Gear Ratio Drag Power
TAC8 40/395 6.2:1 9
TAC10 40/540 6.2:1 9
TAC12 50/700 5.7:1 18
TAC16 50/845 5.7:1 18

Just like the two-speed series, the single speed Talica is loaded with Shimano's expert technology. Boasting the same one-piece cold-forged aluminium frame and light-weight spool, as well as an oversized HEG gearing system, the Talica is a small, compact reel with castability, fast line pickup, durability, drag consistency and remarkable cranking power. The single speed Talica is available in four sizes 8, 10, 12 and 16.

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